Tips for Sellers: Show Off the True Size of Your California Luxury Home

by Rob Godar 07/07/2020

Although your luxury home in Los Angeles, Malibu or elsewhere in California may be large and elegant, it is important to do everything possible to ensure prospective buyers can evaluate the full size of your living space. That way, you can boost the likelihood of receiving an offer to purchase that matches or exceeds your expectations.

Ultimately, there are lots of things you can do to show off the true size of your California luxury home to prospective buyers, such as:

1. Remove Clutter

Clutter is a problem for many home sellers, even those who are trying to sell luxury residences in San Francisco, Cupertino and other California cities and towns. Fortunately, Golden State luxury home sellers who can identify clutter can remove it from their residences without delay.

Cutting down on clutter in your California luxury home can be simple. For example, if you have large decorations or paintings that no longer suit your personal style, you can sell them. Or, if you wish to keep large personal belongings outside your Golden State luxury residence, you can rent a storage unit for the time being.

2. Organize Your Living Space

Your California luxury home likely has served you well for many years. However, if your Golden State luxury house is in need of an organization overhaul, you may want to focus on getting your living space in order.

Storage bins and racks may prove to be exceedingly valuable, especially for a California luxury home seller who wants to get organized as quickly as possible. By picking up storage bins and racks, you can organize various personal belongings before you list your Golden State luxury residence.

3. Enhance Your Home's Exterior

There may be no time like the present to bolster the exterior of your luxury home in Sacramento, Beverly Hills or any other California city or town. Lucky for you, there are many quick, easy ways to transform a Golden State luxury home's exterior from drab to fab.

For instance, if your California luxury home's front lawn has lots of tall grass, you may want to allocate time and resources to mow the front lawn regularly. On the other hand, if you notice cracked or damaged home siding, you can repair the siding on your own or hire a professional to fix it for you.

As you get ready to add your California luxury home to the real estate market, you may want to hire a real estate agent too. This housing market professional can help you showcase your luxury residence in Anaheim, San Diego or another California city or town to the right groups of buyers. As such, a real estate agent will enable you to achieve the optimal results during the Golden State luxury home selling journey.

Make it easy for a buyer to fall in love with your California luxury residence – use the aforementioned tips, and you can highlight the full size of your Golden State luxury home to potential buyers.

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